Storing Your Bone China and Glass Ware

As everyone knows, bone china and glass ware are extremely fragile when it comes to being dropped on the floor and accidentally bumped into when they are in their case. In order to decrease the chances of your bone china and glass ware breaking there are a few tips mentioned below to help you keep your kitchen ware safe.

Buying the Correct Stands and Glass Holders

By purchasing the wrong stands and holders for your china wear and glass wear, you are putting them at risk to be broken. While the correct stands keep them from rolling or tipping forwards/backwards, the wrong ones will not hold them in place and you will most likely end up with broken pieces due to your lack of knowledge on glass/china ware safety.

Placing Your Hutch in a Safe Area of Your House

If you have children in your home or throw any functions at your home, it is best to place your china ware hutch in an area where there is less traffic. The risk of someone walking by and accidentally bumping into your hutch can result in a loss of multiple fine bone china ware and glass items. Even if you use the correct type of stands for your dining room pieces, there is still the risk of them breaking.

Cleaning Schedule

Even though your bone china and glass ware has been sitting in your hutch away from all of the dirt and grime that enters your home, they all need to be cleaned and dusted at least every other week. When you take them out to clean it is best to start with dusting them items first before cleaning them in the dishwasher or wiping them down with salt and vinegar.

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