Different Types of Household Glass Ware

Glass is a wonderful material which is used for many domestic and commercial applications.  In most homes can be found the most decorative and functional glass items. Here is a list:

Beverage Glasses: Beverage glasses are made for a wide variety of drinks including water, iced tea, soda, juice and any other beverage you wish to fill the glass with. Beverage glasses come in many different capacities and shapes to suit your every need.

Water Glasses: Water glasses are extremely popular in restaurants, bars and in households that serve daily meals to their family. These types of glasses come in various shapes and sizes and offer a large variety of options for online purchasing and store purchases.

Juice Glasses: Juice glasses are ideal for every household that has breakfast fanatics. These small glasses give just enough space to fit a healthy glass of orange juice, cranberry juice, or grapefruit. Although these glasses do not come in many different sizes, they do come in a variety of shapes and tinted colors.

Beer Mugs and Steins: Beer mugs and steins are great for anyone who enjoys having guests over for sports games or even poker night. As drinking cans can lead to a mess, mugs and steins will only leave you with an empty mug and very happy guests. It's very popular to use glass beer mugs branded with glass decals displaying company logos e.g. your favourite football team or favourite ale is displayed using a glass decal.

Cocktail Glasses: Cocktail glasses have a wide variety of different shapes for different mixed drinks such as Hurricanes, Margaritas, Martinis and of course, shot glasses. If you are in search of a full bar set, your best bet would be to buy multiple of each type of glass just in case your guests ask for the same beverage.

Wine Glasses: Wine glasses also are amongst the glasses that have a variety of different shapes for different types of wine like red wine and white wine. For individuals who enjoy the finer, more expensive wines, crystal wine glass are excellent for tasting and a beautiful appearance.

Watch a video explaining different glasses used for cocktail drinking: