CCTV for your home security

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a video surveillance system that is set up throughout your home using video cameras and monitors. Some common places CCTV is used are in restaurants, banks, casinos, convenience stores and in higher priced homes. Some CCTV sets in particular are equipped with megapixel sensors that send recordings directly to a network-attached storing device. Because of the top of the line equipment used in this surveillance system, it makes for an excellent addition to your home to help ensure you extra protection for your family.

Taking a Vacation?

No worries. If for some strange reason something was to happen at home while you were on vacation with your family and friends, everything you needed to know would be recorded right on to your network-attached storage device. Although it will not eliminate the damages done to your home, it will surely help you keep it from happening again. Not only does it show you who or what damaged your home, but it will show you the weak areas throughout your house in which you need to fix.

Keeping Your Family Safe

One of the main reasons homeowners have CCTV installed in to their home is for the safety of their family, mainly children. If at any time your work requires you to stay up late in your office downstairs, you could have the monitors places within your office for ease of access to the CCTV set up. This way, if your children climb out of bed or you hear something strange coming from the second floor, you will be able to point out exactly what it is that you are hearing.